Variety if the spice of life! Let us help ypu give your guests lots to ooo and ahhhh at.

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Call anytime day or night. If we don't answer do feel free to leave a message as we may be on another line, at an event, or sleeping from the late night fabulous event we worked the night before. We will call you as soon as we get the message and help you with your entertsinement needs.

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Variety Performers

Maria is available without her snakes & magic

ALiving in Las Vegas for 20 years has it's perks. We have made many talented friends so when you need more talent than just what we can personally provide I am sure we know someone that can be there for your event. For example, Steve & Maria do not do stilts, contortion, acrobatics, impersonate, balloon scuptures, hula hoop, dance or sing. But we have lots of friends that do.

So let us know what you want and I am sure we know a talented prpfessional that would be delighted to work for you.

Helpful Hints

When you hire a variety performer we want you to get your monies worth. So let’s give some thought to the following:

- Be sure and mention any theme of your event. We most likely have a color or costume to match it.

- Many of our performers have more than one talent so if you are on a budget many will offer acouple talents for your event. For example, our juggler can also do magic and our hoop girl can also do stilts. This is great on long events so you save money and your guests get to experience lots of different talents.

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