Our premier snake charmer will not only charm your guests with her snakes but also with her exotic look and vast knowledge of snakes. She is also the handler for commercial shoots when you just need the snake and not her.

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Snake Charmer

This is our #1 most requested strolling entertainment for corporate events.

If you want something that your guests will remember then you want our snake charmers. it allows your guests to take photos which will almost happen non-stop .Our beautiful snake charmer Maria will charm and delight your guest as she lovingly displays her variety of exotic animals. She will start the evening greeting at the entrance to your event with the smallest and almost cutest of her little snakes, a Royal Python. As the night progresses she trades off the Royal Python for larger Boa Constrictors, or Tarantulas and Scorpions that crawl across her body. This can also includes a costume change for Maria.  But wait!  It’s not over yet!  Maria will bring out the prize of her collection a huge 12-foot white albino python. Allowing everyone the photo opportunity they have been awaiting for.

Helpful Hints

When you hire a snake charmer we want you to get your monies worth. So let’s give some thought to the following:
  1. - We will ask if your event has a theme. We have hundreds of costumes to choose from to fit any theme.

    - We will ask if your event is indoors or outdoors as we canno subject the animals to weather that is too hot or too cold.

    - We will need a holding area for the snakes and possiblu electricity to keep the snakes warm in cooler months.

    - We are a USDA licensed exhibitor and fully insured. Do not risk yourself and get an uninsured performer. Check on their insurance to see if it covers snakes. They may be falsifying their insurance to get the job or assuming their insurance covers animals. Certificates of Insurance are available for an extra fee. All animals are provided by our Reptile Rescue.

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