Add a fun yet mystifing element to your event with our professional psychics.

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Not just psychics!

Tarot cards, palm and aura readers, fortune tellers, numerologists, lip stick readers and more of your favorite psychic entertainers are available for atmosphere entertainment. 

Just give us a table and two chairs and our lovely, personable, and cosiderate ladies will entertain your guests leaving them with positive and happy thoughts.

Helpful Hints

When you hire a showgirl we want you to get your monies worth. So let’s give some thought to the following:
  1. - This is fun and a great party activity but when accompanied by a loud band it is very hard for the psychic to speak during their presentations. Please think about only having the  band’s speakers near the dance floor where loud is part of the fun and let the rest of the room enjoy each others company and our psychics with the music as a background.

    - If you have a lots of guests take in to consideration that not everyone will be able to get a reading. Maybe hire a few different types or readers for variety and to give more guests a chance to sit with our psychics.

    - Readings are all for entertainment and every reading will be to the positive. Please let us know if you want something else.


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