Let our fire performers mesmerize your guest with their hyponic flames.

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Fire ACts

Fire is hypnotic, dangerously exciting and in the right hand, extremely entertaining.

We have only a select few performers that can deliver fire displays that meet our safety requirements. Steve  August & Maria are two of the top fire performers in Las Vegas.  They own the first and second certificates of registration that the Fire Dept. issued. Their verbiage is used  in applications by  the county fire marshall for all performers to get permitted. So when you call us for a fire act we got it together so you can relax and enjoy the show.

Helpful Hints

When you hire a fire act we want you to get your monies worth. So let’s give some thought to the following:
  1. - Permits are issued for each performance.  Don't be fooled by a performer that says they have a license to perform with fire. There is no such thing as a license to perform fire. A permit must be applied for each event and issued after inspection the day of or before the event.

    - The sooner you secure our performer the less it will cost. Permit fees are determined by the County Fire Dept. and are based on time of filing.  Fees can double if less than ten days and even triple if less than three days, so don't delay.

    - Your performer will need 20 foot clearance from any flammible object to get a permit to perform with fire.

    - The venue needs to know you want to hire a fire act. Please confirm this with your onsite contact and ask if they have any additional fees for this such as for turning off fire alarms.

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